Film and Television


In the department of film, students are taught in the subjects of feature film, scriptwriting, documentary film, camera, production and television forms. These areas are not sealed off from one another, so it is possible for each student to pursue their own individual interests. 

There are more or less specific curricula for these various subjects, each with a series of theoretical and practical seminars that can help to integrate student projects into their main course of study. Some of the seminars are run by interchanging professors, artistic and academic staff, lecturers and guest lecturers and as such their form varies. Certain seminars, however, are assigned to specific professors, who offer them on a regular basis. In addition there are foundational seminars on production, the history of film and television, sound and editing.

The spectrum of final pieces ranges from full-length feature films, via medium-length and short films, medium-length and evening-filling documentary films, scripts for cinematic feature films and television series to the conception and production of pilots for entertainment shows. Fictional films make use of a variety of genres. In recent years realistic narratives set in the present have dominated, but thrillers, horror films and comedies have also been produced. In terms of documentary film we have seen observatory studies, biographical and conversational films as well as strikingly visual expeditions on the edge of society, but also essays on complex social relationships.

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